Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Blueberry barn craft giveaway

Pop over to Blueberry Barn Country Style blog to take part in her £30 of craft goodies giveaway.

*Edit* - think I just tried to enter this about a week after it closed! 

Just waiting...

... to be drawn on!  I finally got round to painting the 2 wooden panels on the greenhouse with blackboard paint, ready for the children to enjoy in the garden.  How nice is newly painted blackboard!

Also this week we have been busy baking some very yummy gingerbread men, ladies and children.  I finally found a recipe which doesn't involve heating up butter and treacle so nice and child-friendly.

Oooh and I just came across this lovely easter craft to keep us busy during the holidays at Crafts by Amanda's blog. There's loads of lovely stuff on there.
 I'm off to see if there's any gingerbread men left in the tin....

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Blog candy

Just passing on that Di is offering some blog candy to celebrate a whole year of blogging :)  Good luck!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Today I have.... new stash!!! How very exciting!  The postman arrived yesterday morning with this lovely treat for me:
 lots of goodies which I won in a giveaway through cardmaking and papercraft.  There's a purple display/storage folder, a set of stamps, some papers, some card blanks, a box full of decorative edge scissors, various peel-offs and a book.  Not sure who was the most excited by it all, me or baby bug number 1.  Now I just need to get a few minutes to start making stuff.  Nothing has been made since last week I am ashamed to say, but I have just about finalised the branding for my various card ranges so hopefully I'll be back on track with glueing and sticking very soon.  And there's the small matter of all my sisters wedding stationery that I really should be making a start on too.....

However, an excuse for my lack of making stuff, is that the lovely weather has inspired us to head off out into the garden once more, where spring is certainly springing, the daffs are opening at quite a pace now and we have finally refilled the dead twiggy looking hanging baskets with some violas (one of my absolute favourites)

We've sown some carrot seeds, cosmos and sunflowers (we are hoping that the resident shed-mouse doesn't sneak into the greenhouse and eat them all again this year)

We have even spotted ladybirds and bumble bees (which is what baby bug 1 is looking at below)

Time to have a peek at more desks now.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Eeeek, Wednesday again already and I only got round a handful of desks last week.  So to this week, which I think I might rename who is in your workdesk Wednesday....

as baby bump number 2 is becoming increasingly inquisitive!  Interesting times ahead I think....

As for my desk this week - oh dear!  Normal service has been resumed, who was I trying to kid with my lovely tidy desk last week.  I'm just finishing off my mother's day card which you can see in the middle, it's a rose print scottie dog on pink pearlescent card with spotty paper and ribbon trim - let's hope my Mam hasn't discovered this blog yet!  The rest of my desk is surrounded with the usual suspects - bank books, business files, to do lists, camera and general mess.

I shall try and get round a few more desks this week, thanks again to everyone who popped in last week.

Monday, 14 March 2011

New links

Just a quickie.  I've added a list of useful links to the bottom of my blog, which I will keep adding to.  These include handmade online outlets, resources for selling your stuff online/setting up a business (I am in no way an expert on this, just sharing my current journey with you) and other lovely and/or useful things I come across that I think are worth sharing.  I hope you find them useful.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Wednesday again - the time is just whizzing by.  Thanks to everyone who visited me on my first woyww post last week.  This week my desk has been tidied...

.... to allow me to get it all messy again!  (I definately feel much calmer when things are tidy and organised, though I hasten to add that is very rarely the case)

The end result being that my desk this week has been graced by a herd of elephants :)

 Embossed dragonflies bottom border, die cut elephant, punched heart and ribbon trim.  The inserts have  been punched in the bottom right corner with a heart too.

Thanks for popping  by and don't forget to go and visit some of the other desks this week too.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Gardening girl

The sun has been shining, so after nursery this morning me and the 2 baby bugs popped to the local council nursery.  They didn't have what I was looking for, but baby bug number 1 got her eye on some flowers and was very insistent that she wanted to buy them - bellis bellissima - in pink (her favourite colour).  So with newly purchased flowers we headed home for a spot of gardening in the lovely sunshine.  We added some snowdrops recently given to us by my grandparents, the afore-mentioed bellis bellissima and some violas that were lurking in the greeenhouse; which has brighted up one little patch of the garden and made one little girl very happy.

PS.  The "gardening with children" books never tell you that one of your children will fall head first into the soil while trying to dig, after throwing the soil all over you and not back into the garden; while your other small child tootling around in their baby walker will be pulling off parts of dead plants and seeing what they taste like!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


* Edit*  Since I am still getting to grips with blogging and what's on your workdesk wednesday, I accidentally re-linked to woyww 91 again, for week 92.  So, if you're looking for my post from 9th March you will find it here (I hope).  Thank you!  *end of edit*

What?  I hear you say. WOYWW?  Please do explain, and so I shall.....

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - a place where crafters admit to the current state of their workdesk (tidy or otherwise) and share projects they are working on.  So here is my first post:

As you can see I fall into the "otherwise" category!  I was working on 2 cards for my Aunty's birthday, one from us and a commissioned one from my Mam, which you can see at the top of my guillotine.  She loves hedgehogs, so the one on the left is a tiny hedehog stamp to which I've drawn a balloon; and the one on the right is a Beatrix Potter mouse stamp.  Both have been coloured using watercolour pencils - which I love, as they seem to disguise the fact that I'm not that good with a paintbrush.  Among the general clutter is the  obligatory cup of tea  (in my Very Hungry Caterpillar mug), my folder full of information on trying to start my own business (which I probably should have been working on...), my latest photos waiting to be put into albums and scrapbooks and the never-ending piles of to-do-lists! Oh, and just out of shot in the top left are the paper daffodils made by my daughter for mother's day a couple of years ago.

Since this is my first woyww post and I also have a picture of my desk last week, I might as well put that here too:

Trying to build up some stock in this picture.  Had a bit of a tag theme going on and was quite pleased with the heart ones.  I also made some of my favourite baby pram cards, which I amended slightly this time to include stars instead of the usual flowers (but was gutted to find that my die appears to have gone blunt just right at the time I really need to use it.)  The bits of zig-zaggy robot themed card are my ongoing battle with trying to colour on embossing, without it going allover the place, and for the 2nd time the robots won again.  I'm sure I'll get there in the end. On top of my printer is my newly bought embellishment box, which makes me feel slightly more organised.  (I recently had to move out of our craft/computer room and now have a desk in the corner of the living room - I am not taking to downsizing easily!)   Oooooh, and on top of the the lamp base I have to give a special mention to percy the elephant made for me by one of my best and very talented friends, Steph :)

Off to have a nose about at some other people's desks now!

For more about woyww go here!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's here......

spring that is!  After months of what's felt like almost complete darkness with a lot of snow and ice thrown in, the weather is starting to change - yippee!!   Proof of which can be found in our garden, since I actually got round to planting some bulbs last year (just in the nick of time I may add).  So we now have crocuses and snowdrops out in flower with the tulips and daffodils on their way too.  Talk of buying compost for the planting of seeds now also keeps arising, so who knows, maybe a trip to the garden centre this weekend to get things going (and a lot of finger crossing that our resident mouse under the shed doesn't eat them all this time).  I will definately be planting more crocuses next year in an attempt to get more pots of them around the front and back gardens, one day my dream flower-filled garden will be mine......

Right, I'd best get on with some rather urgent card making now I think!