Monday, 7 March 2011

Gardening girl

The sun has been shining, so after nursery this morning me and the 2 baby bugs popped to the local council nursery.  They didn't have what I was looking for, but baby bug number 1 got her eye on some flowers and was very insistent that she wanted to buy them - bellis bellissima - in pink (her favourite colour).  So with newly purchased flowers we headed home for a spot of gardening in the lovely sunshine.  We added some snowdrops recently given to us by my grandparents, the afore-mentioed bellis bellissima and some violas that were lurking in the greeenhouse; which has brighted up one little patch of the garden and made one little girl very happy.

PS.  The "gardening with children" books never tell you that one of your children will fall head first into the soil while trying to dig, after throwing the soil all over you and not back into the garden; while your other small child tootling around in their baby walker will be pulling off parts of dead plants and seeing what they taste like!

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