Tuesday, 1 March 2011

It's here......

spring that is!  After months of what's felt like almost complete darkness with a lot of snow and ice thrown in, the weather is starting to change - yippee!!   Proof of which can be found in our garden, since I actually got round to planting some bulbs last year (just in the nick of time I may add).  So we now have crocuses and snowdrops out in flower with the tulips and daffodils on their way too.  Talk of buying compost for the planting of seeds now also keeps arising, so who knows, maybe a trip to the garden centre this weekend to get things going (and a lot of finger crossing that our resident mouse under the shed doesn't eat them all this time).  I will definately be planting more crocuses next year in an attempt to get more pots of them around the front and back gardens, one day my dream flower-filled garden will be mine......

Right, I'd best get on with some rather urgent card making now I think!


  1. Just wanted to wish you all the best with this and keep taking photos as the flowers grow! I love the description of your children too (bugs!) See you soon, Steph

  2. Thanks Steph, I thought the flowers would appeal to you, hopefully there'll be more photos soon.