Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Wednesday again - the time is just whizzing by.  Thanks to everyone who visited me on my first woyww post last week.  This week my desk has been tidied...

.... to allow me to get it all messy again!  (I definately feel much calmer when things are tidy and organised, though I hasten to add that is very rarely the case)

The end result being that my desk this week has been graced by a herd of elephants :)

 Embossed dragonflies bottom border, die cut elephant, punched heart and ribbon trim.  The inserts have  been punched in the bottom right corner with a heart too.

Thanks for popping  by and don't forget to go and visit some of the other desks this week too.


  1. Very tidy desk, love your herd of elephants . Hugs Pam x

  2. Those cards are lovely, the way you have the cards standing reminds me of the Jungle Book with the elephants walking behind each other!

  3. OMG! YOu have been robbed! Your desk is totally spotless! Love your herd of elephants. Very cute using different colors for each one. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

  4. Your messy is my tidy! lol Looks like you were very busy with all those elephants lined up. Hope to see you next week at WOYWW.

  5. Love the elephants- they are so cool! Shaz #118

  6. Oh I love your elephants. They are super cute!

  7. Hiya Pam - thanks for the commments, love the stamped notebooks on your blog :)

    Rumtruffle - your desk looks very organised. I love your baby scrapbook pages on your blog too - very cute. Thanks for following me.

    Okienurse - a very exciting desk - bet you can't wait to get stuck in! The different coloured elephants were a fluke, I ordered them pre-cut from ebay (while I am trying to source a die cutter myself) and that was the assortment I got.

    Hi Danielle. Your altered notepaper box is fantastic, lovely blog. My desk doesn't always look like that, it's usually covered in household paperwork, kids books, a pile of projects I want to start on, assorted small pieces of oldest childs toys in a desperate attempt to stop smaller child eating them all and probably the odd empty cup of tea! Thanks for popping by.

    Shazsilverwolf - thank you. Just popped over to your blog, oh no - mother's day, must get a move on with my card for that one! Also liking your bargain from The Works. Lovely colours on your pentacle easle card.

    Carola Barz - thanks for returning the blog visit, loved the canvas you made.

    Well, best be off - small child calling.... Thanks again for visiting!

  8. I was getting worried seeing such a clean desk but then the herd came in.....thank goodness. Happy WOYWW!

  9. He he, going to have to try and make an effort to keep my desk tidy, it's in the living room and in full view of everyone!

  10. love your tidy desk - I craft best when tidy - really cute elephants love the cards you have made with them ~ running late this week but just getting in before it all starts again ~ Nicky 2

  11. Thanks Nicky - I too like it to be tidy but that's rarely the case, see this weeks post as proof!