Saturday, 16 April 2011

Folksy April Show-ers and Charlie Bear 16th April

Today's listing on folksy:

And another day in the life of Charlie Bear!  A little less busy than yesterday.  A visit to dance class this morning and then to Grandparent's house where he played skittles.  
 Tonight baby bug started work on his scrapbook (even though she was shattered after a day of dancing and playing!)

Friday, 15 April 2011

Folksy April Show-ers 15th April and introducing... Charlie Bear.

Evening.  New card added to my folksy shop as part of April Show-ers. 

And one of my favourite listings on folksy today, flower polymer clay pendant by creative hands.

Our other news in the Bugged household today is that we have a guest staying with us over Easter - Charlie Bear

Charlie belongs to baby bug's nursery class but likes to go on adventures with the children over the holidays, so he is staying with us over Easter. When the children take him back to nursery he has to return with various things he has collected during his stay.  The plan is that we are going to make him his very own scrapbook with details of all the exciting things we have been up to.  Today he came home and met baby bug number 2, then had some lunch before a trip to the library for storytime  - where he got his very own library card and borrowed some books. 

Then it was the weekly trip to Great Grandma's before home

 and bed. 

Night night Charlie bear.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Folksy April Show-ers 14th April

My folksy listing for today.

In other news - the (now infamous) nursery easter egg competition was won by ....  well one of us lot!  We can't get the full details from baby bug number 1, so it was either the whole family effort or at least one of us who won (though obviously daddy bug is convinced it was his spiderman egg that was the winner).  Mmmmm, chocolate easter egg prizes :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Folksy April Show-ers 13th April and woyww

Just quickly posting before bed.  Back to babies again in my little corner of folksy, with today's April Show-ers listing.  This is also doubling as my what's on your workdesk wednesday post (though I forgot to actually take a photo of the card in progress!)  Due to it being ever so late, well for me anyway, I shall do some desk hopping/snooping for woyww tomorrow.

Also wanted to highlight some of today's lovely folksy listings: 




Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Folksy Apri Show-ers 12th April

Ooooh, managed to list before lunchtime today and it's not even a baby card!  Available to buy in my shop.
A few others from todays listers:

And just before I go, some Easter egg fun we had for the nursery competition.  Spiderman by Daddy Bug (who will be very disappointed if he doesn't win,) a princess by Baby Bug number 1 - hastily made at breakfast time! - and an alien by yours truly.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Folksy Apri Show-ers 11th April

Missed a few days due to lovely sunshine and being with the family.  After a creative block I managed to get a few cards made this morning - the one below has been added to folksy today, more to follow over the next few days.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Folksy April Show-ers: day 6 and WOYWW 96

Just about made it in time to list on folksy today - and here it is. 
On to WOYWW.  I missed last weeks due to the general chaos of family life and getting ready to go away to a music festival, but I'm back now - a bit of a cheat as I took it yesterday, since I had a child-free day and could actually get to making something.  I made a batch of butterfly and flower embossed cards and added to my folksy shop.  The ribbon tin is it's usual chaotic mess (but it makes searching for just the right ribbon so much more fun!) and I'm hoping that (unchecked) lottery ticket in the background is a winning one!

Right off for a snoop now...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Folksy April Show-ers: day 5

Home now from a weekend away to the Resistanz International Industrial Music Festival and time to get back to some craft.  So, I am starting by my first listing in the Folksy April Show-ers challenge (whereby we are all attempting  to list a new item in our Folksy shops every day in April).
This is now available to buy in my shop along with a few others and hopefully many more to come this month.  I've also been accepted to list my items at Wow Thankyou, so I'm off to get my shop up and running there too - I'll post full links later when I've got it all up and running.