Monday, 9 May 2011

Charlie Bear's Scrapbook

As promised, here's details of Charlie Bear's Easter holidays with us.  I've decided the easiest way to do this is to post a copy of his scrapbook (made by my daughter and me) on here...

Charlie's first day with us - meeting baby bug number 2, having some lunch, a trip to the library where he got his own library card (yes, he really is on the library system!), visiting Great Grandma and all tucked up in bed.

Meeting our goldfish: Dobbie, Bobby, Frank and Tinkerbell.

A visit to dance class.

Visiting Grandparents and having a quick game of skittles.

A morning out at Saltwell Park show - playing in the park on the slide and climbing frame..

Playing on some (very convenient) teddy-sized drums and having a tasty treat of hot doughnuts.

Free balloons and climbing trees

 Meeting the animals from a local farm
 A wander around the park (and a ride in the pushchair - cause Charlie Bear only has little legs!) before home.
 A sleepover at the Grandparents house, with a  bit of gardening
 and meeting the dog from up the street.
 Lots of Easter fun - making Easter cards (baby bug 1 made a card for Charlie Bear), and some baskets to put all the goodies in.
 Baking Easter ginger bunny biscuits
 Ta da!  Lots of Easter gifts ready to be given out: bunny biscuits, daffodils, easter crispie cakes, cards and some chocolate eggs.
 The Easter Bunny came!  And even left some eggs for Charlie Bear.

I think we need a smaller shirt!
 A trip to dek hockey with Daddy bug
 One very tired bear!  (However, no bruises which seems to be virtually unheard of among the Dekstars!)
 Watching the royal wedding on tv.
 Planting seeds and sowing flowers in the garden.
 Visiting more Great Grandparents.
 A picture of The Leaf Family - made by Baby Bug 1 with items found in Great Grandparents garden.

A walk around Allensford.
 A trip to South Shields for his last day with us - shows, ice cream, fish and chips and sunshine, and a postcard to take home!

Bye bye Charlie Bear, hope you had a nice holiday!

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