Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Happy Wednesday!  I missed last weeks, as life is as hectic as ever.  Back to work from maternity leave
in a couple of weeks (boo), with redundancy looming in August so as well as enjoying my last bit of time with baby bump 2 (and 1 of course) I've been busy job hunting and then there's 1st birthday party preparations to be done.  Anyway, back to my desk.

The scrapbooking of baby bump 2 continues, this is one of my favourite photos of him a few weeks ago exploring our garden when we had all that lovely sunshine.  There's also some labels I've quickly printed in an attempt to get some organisation in my craft space (ie. the top shelf of the landing cupboard).  Pre-children I think it would have taken me about  a day to get it all sorted I'm currently at about week 4!

I also wanted to share with you all this gorgeous children's art area I've found on childhood 101 blog.

I'm off for another look at rearranging baby bump 1's bedroom (yet again) to see if we can accommodate something like this, and then possibly a trip to Ikea (any excuse!).  She loves drawing, art and craft etc, but it's a bit difficult to leave stuff out downstairs due to the exploration adventures of baby bug 2, so this might be an idea.

Thanks to all who visited my desk a couple of weeks ago, I'll try to get caught up with all properly this week.  Don't forget to visit Julia's blog for a snoop around some other workspaces.


  1. Your desk just doesnt look untidy enough!

  2. Good luck with the job hunting.

    Happy WOYWW

    Hugs, Sandra Take a peek at MY DESK here

  3. Great blog - thank you for becoming a follower on my blog!