Monday, 27 June 2011

Finally - a new blog post!

I have been away from blogging for a few weeks (again!) now – life just has a habit of taking over and leaving you in whirl some days doesn’t it!  In my last post I was off on my way to create a craft corner for baby bug 1 to allow her the freedom to craft without having to continuously keep an eye on where her stuff was before baby bug 2 discovered it.  I think pretty much the next day a trip to Ikea took place and a new craft desk and chair were purchased and a basic craft corner created – though I wouldn’t recommend trying to assemble furniture with two small helpers around, it would have been a much better idea to wait until they had gone to bed! 
As we don’t have a dedicated play room the craft area is in a corner of baby bug 1’s bedroom, there is a basic table with a pull out drawer and an additional display shelf.  Some colourful children’s cups were bought at ikea and have been filled with a selection of pens, scissors, glue etc and the Ikea small boxes have got tiny rubber stamp sets, a selection of bits and bobs (feathers, sequins, lolly sticks, googly eyes etc), and lots of decorative edge scissors.  The back of the desk is magnetic, which is brilliant as she will be able to put her artwork or inspiration or whatever else takes her fancy there.  We also bought a folding desk chair (in pink – by special request) and a bin (pink again!).  This means she can craft comfortably, but the chair can also be stored away, allowing her rocking chair and dolls cot, to be stored under the desk when not in use (her room is quite big but not huge!).   We do also own a blackboard as shown in the original post that inspired me and I would have loved to leave that set up, but due to space it has to be stored away elsewhere.  I was going to put a string up to hang her artwork from, though I am still considering this, however, I did have a picture in a frame lying around (just due to the fact we don’t have adequate display space) so I put this on her wall, so we can display some of her work.  Incidentally, the picture currently in the frame is of a children’s book exhibition I went to years ago, just prior to the launch of the Centre for the children’s books (now called Seven Stories,  in Newcastle) and the illustration is by Niamh Sharkey, whose work is just gorgeous, and it all ties in quite nicely as this is where I got the inspiration for baby bug 1’s name.

I’ve just been majorly sidetracked (while writing this post) and lost myself in the world of pinterest  – I’ve added a few new things to my boards,craft related, activities for children etc, so do take a look; just make sure you’ve got a bit time to spare because it’s very easy to get lost in there!
So, where were we?  Oh yes, a bit of an update of what’s been happening in my absence.  Well, baby bug 2 has now celebrated his first birthday!  I honestly cannot believe where that year has gone, I thought it went quick with bug number 1, but I think I blinked and missed this year completely.  I’ve been busy making 6 scrapbooks to give as gifts to grandparents, aunties and uncles and great grandparents.  I made 2 main 8x8 albums for the grandparents and bought chipboard albums for the others.  Once again, it was all very last minute, even though I’d had a year to prepare, so they weren’t done as in-depth as I would have liked, I really must get myself organised with scrapbooking and card making, but the recipients all liked them. 

We had a quiet family birthday (I say quiet, we invited all the family so there was about 16 of us in all – and it would have been more but some were unable to make it.)  We’d had gorgeous weather in the few days before so grand plans were made so that bug 1 and the cousins could all play outside in the garden with the sandpit and tent – of course, come the day it was grey and cold!  The sandpit idea was abandoned but the tent was put up and they had a nice time between playing out there and coming back to enjoy us in the warm.  A few choice quotes of the day were “there are aqua beads all over the bedroom floor” and (at bedtime) “erm, why is there chocolate cake in your bed? (aimed at bug 1).  So pretty much chaos and by the end of the day I’d came down with a rotten cold, which I just about shook off a week later. 

We’ve also been for a visit to Bill Quay farm in Gateshead, which is a free community farm.  They had the most gorgeous piglets, and we were amused by the mammy pig who seemed to be smiling in her sleep and could also be heard snoring.  To mark the end of my maternity leave I took the bugs for a day out at the Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth, where we saw all sorts of wonderful fish, otters and seals.  We also managed to see 2 feeding times and got waved at by a diver cleaning out the seal enclosure.  We also popped to South Shields to see some old cars, trucks etc which had parked up at the end of the Tyne Tees Rally (bloomin’ freezing again though!). Then another birthday party (my niece’s - this time with disco), followed by my Mam’s birthday, father’s day, my birthday and my then sisters – June is a busy month in our family!

Just before I go – please check out newly launched Make WithMe &  Bake With Me, which I came across via UK Handmade, I think it may be of interest to some of you, I will be checking it out properly later!

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