Monday, 11 July 2011


Every month our library service lists new county stock, so, as I've just gone through the latest list and added some to my reservations I thought I'd share them with you - just incase something takes your fancy too.

Baker, Ellen Luckett 1,2,3 sew multiply your skills with 36 stylish sewing projects

Goble, Fiona Fun with stitching

Pell, Sania The homemade home 50 handmade projects to create the perfect home for next to nothing

We've had a busy few weekends since my last post.  This weekend saw baby bug 1 performing in a show from her dance school.  She did 2 dances with her little group (the rosettes) - "bop to the top" and "blame it on the boogie".  They were brilliant, though she seemed to spend most of the 2nd dance trying to spot where we were sitting in the audience!

On Saturday we had a trip to Newcastle to the Baltic art gallery, where baby bug 1 got an art gallery explorer pack to borrow, she loved the torch that was in it and spent most of the time on the floor shining it into dark corners.  One of the exhibitions by Robert Breer involved sculptures which moved really slowly and she was convinced that her torch was making them move!  We also had a walk along the quayside where they have built a beach, so she had a chill out in a deckchair there too :)

On Sunday we visited Woodhorn in Ashington to see the vintage car rally.  There was a computer games exhibition on too, so other half insisted we went to that, where he re-lived his mispent youth, stating that one of the exhibitions was his old bedroom!  The only problem with visiting this exhibition was that while other half was spending his time playing the computer games, baby bug 1 wanted my help (!) playing the games - I can't work a wii, ds or playstation, and they didn't have an acorn electron with keyboard (*ahem*) so I was no use to her whatsoever!  After about 10 mintues of both of us trying we finally managed to work out how to operate the controller for the wii bowling game, which she promptly got bored of about 2 minutes later.  Still, a good day out and the weather stayed fine.

We've also been to Fountains Abbey with my mam and dad for a picnic and explore.  A trip to South Shields where they had a free music festival on so we caught the end of a beatles tribute band (both baby bugs had a good dance), ate lots of chips and spent some time on the beach.  Took baby bug 1 to a local garden centre for their children's gardening club.  It's only our 2nd time going and as yet they haven't actually done any gardening (!?) so we are waiting to see how it pans out, though she does seem to be learning bits and pieces from it.  They had to take plant pots they had decorated for a competition.  We collected some flowers and pressed them before glueing them to her pot, then added finger print bees, ladybirds and suns and some minibeast stickers - she didn't win and was gutted bless her!

And before I go, a special congratulations to my other half who has just sold his first piece of photography on red bubble (yay!)

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