Monday, 18 July 2011

Wash out

Couldn't resist starting todays post with a picture of baby bug 1 all ready for swimming (we haven't been for over a year).  We checked out the baby facilities for baby bug 2 while we were there.  They do have a baby changing room with changing table, but what are you supposed to do with bug 2 while you and bug 1 get ready (you can't take pushchairs in)?  Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I'd love to take them both, but will have to take them by myself. 

So, where is the summer?  It's been pouring down here again today.  Due to the weather our plans for the weekend involved thinking of somewhere with a roof, so we ended up at Locomotion: The National Railway Musuem in Shildon.  The Hogwarts Express was there and we were allowed to stand inside, though it was somewhat wasted on us as me and Daddy bug have no interest in HP and the two baby bugs are still too little. 

However, we had a lovely day and even treat ourselves to lunch in the cafe - and it was nice to see baby bug 2 continuing his interest in housework as he wiped down the table!

We've also entered the world of the wii, so have been wasting a few hours trying out bowling, darts and boxing (!)  The boxing by far was the most entertaining to watch someone else do and definitely a way to burn off all those calories (and any aggression).  A word of warning, make sure there aren't any members of your family lurking behind with a camera - must find and destroy those photos :)

In business news, I am off to an enterprise club tomorrow, which has been set up with Be-Enterprising, who phoned and invited me.  So if any of you budding businesses up here in the north are interested then you may want to get in touch with them for more info.  I've been tweaking the website a bit today so some of my new stuff has now been uploaded and there are proper links to my online shops and social networking sites.

Time to go and tidy up now and get ready for the rabble returning for tea!

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