Wednesday, 13 July 2011


2 posts in one day, blimey!  I've been compiling an ever-growing list of websites I come across to share with you all and as yet haven't got round to posting any of them.  So I am just going to try posting them as and when I come across them, otherwise you're going to get a gigantic post one day full of web links.  So for my first offering I give you....

Pinterest - a lovely way to lose a few hours, absorbed in what lovely things others have found on the web.  Be warned, it's addictive!  Basically it's like a giant online pinboard where you can pin whatever you find interesting on the web as well as having a look at what others have pinned, boards can be divided into your own categories too.  Here's mine.

Kids craft weekly - weekly newsletter which you can have delivered via email with cheap, educational and child friendly craft activities.

Spoonflower - design and print your own fabric (American I think)

Jinjerup blog - lots of lovely stuff to download, including gift boxes, some to buy and even freebies!

That's all for today, goodnight!

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