Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Another Wednesday again - eeek, where did that come from?!  This week my worksdesk is brought to you from my dining room table, where at 7.30 this morning (organised as ever *ahem*) me and baby bug 1 were hastily making tissue paper flower boquets and thank you cards for the lunch club supervisors at nursery (it's bug's last week at nursery this week!).  I've had the idea for a couple of weeks so why we were trying to do them in a hurry at the last minute is beyond me, but seems to be a regular occurrence these days.  Anyway, here are the results of our efforts.

We had planned on making more to give to her class teachers on Friday, but these were much trickier than I had anticipated, so we may go for a craft store trip tomorrow for some other inspiration which is a bit easier for a 3 year old to do.

In other news I have been busy again networking with lots of other entrepreneurs via the be-enterprising team, who invited me to a presentation by marketing speaker Geoff Ramm this morning, which I really enjoyed.  I will be promoting some of my new found friends on here soon.

Well, I'd best try and get a bit of actual work done before heading off to bed, hope to get round a few more desks this week too.


  1. DD devised a great card idea for our little ones. Use a large piece of paper and let the little one cover it in paint and shimmery stuff and glitter glue... under supervision of course. When dry, cut it into pieces the size of the card fronts and then little one can help stick them on. Let them then stick on gems and die cuts. Some how their backgrounds end up looking very Have fun if you try it.

  2. Oh how cute are those cards - the girls will be thrilled with their bouquets - good for you - however last minute!

  3. They are just lovely! Well done! I used to do the same when my two were little and I know that the lunch club supervisors will just adore them.

  4. Fabulous cards and they must have been sooo easy to do, and give you loads of other ideas too! Everyone who receives one will love it! HaPpY vErY LatE LaSt WeEkS WoYwW!! ((Lyn))