Wednesday, 29 February 2012


A quick post for woyww, to show the hat I'm currently working on (at the last minute as per usual!).  It's world book day tomorrow which means fancy dress as a favourite book character in school.  Baby bug 1 has chosen the cat in the hat, so I'm trying to make a hat - more pics etc to follow in another post should I manage to get this finished tonight!

Happy desk hopping everyone :)

Monday, 20 February 2012

A little bird told me....

... it was your birthday.

Just a quick post to share the card I've made for my sister-in-laws birthday.  I'd forgotten that I'd bought these lovely sizzix bird embossing folders and came across them today.
I embossed the image onto white card, trimmed off a curved edge and placed some papermania stock behind it with green bird and tree images on it.  A brown paper insert was also added.  I have (as I keep saying) still yet to find a way of colouring properly on these emobssed images, so today I just tried using my promarker pens.  They seemed to bleed a bit, but that may be to do with my card.

 It came out ok but I'm not 100% happy, however it will have to do as I need to get it sent off in the post tomorrow!  I used to be organised you know....!

ps.  as an aside, I can strongly recommend lazarus form recovery add-on for any firefox users.  I acidentally lost half this post and within a click of a button magically got it all back - hurray!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

... even if it is February and a bit chilly.  Me and the bugs had a day out at South Shields as part of our half term fun  A photo post as not a lot to blog about other than baby bug 2 pinching my ice cream!

A child's eye view

Baby bug 1 is quite the photographer and I find looking at her pictures gives an interesting perspective on the world from her eyes and what she finds interesting/important.  She is particularly good at getting photos of baby bug 2 as she is on his level.  So I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of her photos.

I particularly like the jcb photo above!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Life is the name of the game..

Me, the bugs and grandma bug went for a trip to the Centre for Life, Newcastle this week.  This is one of baby bug 1's favourite places (she used to go to the pre-school days with her other grandparents when she was younger), but as it costs a fair bit to get in we've saved it for a school holiday treat.

We managed to spend almost all day there (yay), with plenty for the children to do and explore.  Baby bug 2 is obsessed with wheels and how things work so he had a really good time getting hands-on.  Here is is looking at some kind of pulley, turning a wheel, doing a bit of archeology and telephoning his grandad.

While baby bug 2 honed her skills on the monkey bars (she shows me her attempts at the monkey bars every day on the way to school).  I also took the opportunity to take a photo of both of them on this sledge, to replicate a photo we took of baby bug 1 when we were there a month before baby bug 2 arrived.

Before baby bug 2
After baby bug 2

 After munching our packed lunches (a heads up, there is a proper picnic area with tables and everything which we didn't discover until after we'd ate our lunch in what we thought was the right place perched on some little chairs!) we headed to the make it station, where there was loads of inspiring ideas.  I'm currently trying to think of ways to make our garden more interactive and interesting for the children and came away with a few ideas from this.  The make it station included the chance to make a robot, play with lego, watch small pieces of fabric and paper being propelled up tubes by hidden fans, a giant sticker mosaic, some coloured wodden shapes alongside mirrors to make your own kaliedoscope effect and some musical pipes (which made a noise when you hit them with a flip flop).

Once we'd explored the make it station we headed to the planetarium to watch a short (and suitable for under 7's and little baby bugs) film called naughty monsters in the sky (about the sun, moon and weather), though me and grandma bug could have quite easily nodded off in the comfy seats and dark room!

We finished our day in a play area, which was really good and the kids spent ages in there!  This included activity tables with wooden train sets and lego, a giant dolls house, soft play and an home corner type area - where baby bug 1 was a cleaner and then a waitress for me.

So all in all, a really good day out, even if baby bug 2 did set off the alarm in the disabled/baby change toilet - ooops!  I think there's a pre-school day happening next week so baby bug 2 will be off there again with his other grandparents (just don't tell his big sister!).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Oh dear, after all my promises I suffered another blogging relapse and managed to miss last week's woyww!  Thanks to all who visited my desk last time, I still have some (belated) reciprocal visits to make and will get there soon I promise.  I seriously don't know how some of you manage to visit all the desks each week - hats off to you!

A bit of a confession that my desk photos this week are of earlier on in the week as I've started to come down with some kind of lurgy and just fancy snuggling up on the sofa (that is not going to happen with 2 little bugs running about, one of who is on half term holidays), so I'm doing a bit of that scheduling thing.

Valentines day seems to have crept up on me completely, so I thought I'd better get a wiggle on and make my card for my other half.

I took some basic white card stock which I embossed with polka dots, some scalloped circles and punched out some hearts onto scrap (my minds eye) patterned paper.

The circles were placed over the edge of the card in top and bottom corners and then trimmed.

A strip of scrap ribbbon was placed behind the bottom circle with a semi-circle of punched hearts attached with 3D foam pads.  A single heart was placed the top corner and the top right section was trimmed in a curve, showing the red insert behind.

Don't forget to pop by Julia's and have a peek of what everyone else is up to.  Hopefully I'll be back here again soon!  Happy woyww everyone.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love struck

Happy valentines day.  Brownie points go to Daddy bug for the lovely boquet of 12 red roses :)  I am super pleased with them and a lovely surprise.  (every year I say we're just going to give a card and he always goes and buys me something!)

Extra brownie points go to baby bug 1 who made me a lovely valentines card and then asked: "When is it kids valentines day Mammy?"

Something fishy going on

So the February half term is upon us and we are looking for exciting things to do.

At the weekend we took the baby bugs to the Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth for a look out.  We debated going for a walk along the coast when we were finished, but it was a bit nippy and baby bug 2 just wanted to do his own thing and wasn't really playing along with us very nicely, so it was a look around the aquarium then home. 

In our usual style we managed to do the whole place in about an hour (!), one day we might get the hang of this family day out thing.  Then we spent about another hour in the shop while baby bug 1 decided what to spend her money on, despite me trying to convince her otherwise and telling her the pennies could be saved for her summer holidays - well, it was worth a try.  She came out with a pen with some kind of fluffy octopus on the top, and since she is somewhat obsessed with writing and trying to spell out new words I can't complain at that.

Once we got home we decided that between playing out in the garden with friends that we could make our own fish too.  Each bug had a paper plate from which we cut out a triangle for the mouth. This was then stuck to the other side of the circle to form a tail.  Then pieces of tissue paper were ripped up and stuck on along with a googly eye, before hanging them in the window. 

I really wanted to make the tissue paper fish I found on pinterest, but I haven't (shock, horror) got any sticky back plastic/contact film stuff, so went for this option instead.

Birthday girl!

It appears I don't do poorly very well, or at least not when the baby bugs are with grandparents and there's so much I want/need to do!  I've tried chilling on the sofa (literally - I keep burning up and then being freezing, I am typing from under the duvet at the moment!), but my head is spinning so I thought I'd pop along to blogger and do a bit of much needed updating....

So, the start of the month saw baby bug 1 turn 5!  We decided to go for a fairy themed party and just invited a few close friends and cousins over, but would you believe, everyone except 2 of them were busy!  In hindsight, 2 extra children was more manageable than 7 so I'm not going to complain, and we went ahead with the fairy theme.

Prior to the big day we drew on a paper tablecloth and coloured it together with baby bug 1.  (I would have liked to have added loads more but ran out of  time.) 

The room and front door was decorated with some paper butterflies (which have now fluttered their way up to baby bug's bedroom), and greeted her when she came home from school - much excitement, which then became even more joyous at the sight of a Hello Kitty helium balloon (she is always asking for helium balloons when were are out shopping!).

The girls (and dadddy) decorated some gingerbread men and then made some fairy crowns and wands.  The boys were welcome to join in but were having much more fun chasing each other around the room. 

Then they went to play with toys while we cleared up and set out the party tea.

After tea we played pass the parcel (baby bug 1 isn't keen on party games and just wanted to play one) and then the disco ball was set up, the curtains closed and everyone had a good old dance, with some glow sticks thrown in for good measure! 

The following day was a family tea once everyone was home from school and work, so I can safely say we are well partied out!  I think she enjoyed it though.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What's on your workdesk Wednesday 139

Hooray!  I have finally made it back to the bloggersphere (after what must be about a 2 month break).  Aside from the excuse of the chaos of Christmas I haven't really got a good reason for not updating, just lost my mojo a bit I think.  Anyway, onwards and upwards and I'll hopefully get back on track with the blog and spend more time creating stuff too.

The weeks between Christmas and now have been filled with baby bug 1 taking part in another dance show. This time she danced to "Reach for the stars" and "Minnie Mouse mousercise", which called for star and Minnie Mouse costumes.  I resisted the urge to go and buy a Minnie costume from the Disney shop but think I probably inadvertently spent the same amount of money by the time we'd mocked up our own costume with black top, leggings, white gloves, red vest, a spotty skirt and shoes.  One day I might get the hang of this dance costume things, I really need to learn to sew I think!

We've had 2 Grandma birthdays this month too, so the bugs have been doing a bit of card making (I completely ran out of time so just had to use cards from my stash *how guilty do I feel*).  We made a baked goods basket for one Grandma (who always says not to buy her anything), so we made sweet scones, ginger snaps (Grandma always used to make these for us), chocolate buns, bread (guess who got a breadmaker for Christmas), added a tub of clotted cream and also decorated a glass jar which we filled with chocolate peanuts, then finished off with a bunch of flowers.

Card made by baby bug 2.  His scribbles were cut out into petal shapes

At the weekend we went to Chinatown in Newcastle for the Chinese new year.  As usual we couldn't see any of the dragon, and just heard the firecrackers.  On wandering down the other end of town we stumbled across a whole market/craft stalls dedicated to the new year which we've never seen before, so had a little look around there.  Baby bug 1 wanted a helium balloon from the balloon seller and requested the biggest pink horse one you have ever seen!  So we weaved our way through the crowded streets with child, pushchair and giant horse in the rain.  The bonus of stopping to buy a balloon was that the dragon then appeared right next to us and we discovered it actually makes its way back through town, so we got to see if after all.  Then we headed off to the Hancock musuem for a few hours in the afternoon. 

Next week sees the 5th birthday of baby bug 1, so preparations are underway for that.  We are having a small tea party with one of her best friends (can you belive everyone else we invited already had plans!).  A fairy tea party has been requested, so I am pondering what to do for that.  Ideas so far include decorating fairy crowns and wands, a fairy disco (complete with disco ball) and possibly a couple of games, though baby bug isn't really too keen on party games.  Then the following day it will be family tea.  So in a bid to be organised and to finally get onto WOYWW this is the card I have made for her.  The petal skirt (which you can hardly see) is made from some flowers that we bought Baby Bug 1 after her dance show, the body and wings are sizzix, embroidery thread for hair with paper flowers for bobbles.

 Apolgies for the unrotated photos (!)

Happy woyww everyone, hopefully I'll make it back again next week!

EDIT:  Apologies if you've came here via woyww 137, the computer gremlins were here and posted this link on the wrong woyww as well (sorry Julia!)