Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Birthday girl!

It appears I don't do poorly very well, or at least not when the baby bugs are with grandparents and there's so much I want/need to do!  I've tried chilling on the sofa (literally - I keep burning up and then being freezing, I am typing from under the duvet at the moment!), but my head is spinning so I thought I'd pop along to blogger and do a bit of much needed updating....

So, the start of the month saw baby bug 1 turn 5!  We decided to go for a fairy themed party and just invited a few close friends and cousins over, but would you believe, everyone except 2 of them were busy!  In hindsight, 2 extra children was more manageable than 7 so I'm not going to complain, and we went ahead with the fairy theme.

Prior to the big day we drew on a paper tablecloth and coloured it together with baby bug 1.  (I would have liked to have added loads more but ran out of  time.) 

The room and front door was decorated with some paper butterflies (which have now fluttered their way up to baby bug's bedroom), and greeted her when she came home from school - much excitement, which then became even more joyous at the sight of a Hello Kitty helium balloon (she is always asking for helium balloons when were are out shopping!).

The girls (and dadddy) decorated some gingerbread men and then made some fairy crowns and wands.  The boys were welcome to join in but were having much more fun chasing each other around the room. 

Then they went to play with toys while we cleared up and set out the party tea.

After tea we played pass the parcel (baby bug 1 isn't keen on party games and just wanted to play one) and then the disco ball was set up, the curtains closed and everyone had a good old dance, with some glow sticks thrown in for good measure! 

The following day was a family tea once everyone was home from school and work, so I can safely say we are well partied out!  I think she enjoyed it though.

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