Thursday, 16 February 2012

Life is the name of the game..

Me, the bugs and grandma bug went for a trip to the Centre for Life, Newcastle this week.  This is one of baby bug 1's favourite places (she used to go to the pre-school days with her other grandparents when she was younger), but as it costs a fair bit to get in we've saved it for a school holiday treat.

We managed to spend almost all day there (yay), with plenty for the children to do and explore.  Baby bug 2 is obsessed with wheels and how things work so he had a really good time getting hands-on.  Here is is looking at some kind of pulley, turning a wheel, doing a bit of archeology and telephoning his grandad.

While baby bug 2 honed her skills on the monkey bars (she shows me her attempts at the monkey bars every day on the way to school).  I also took the opportunity to take a photo of both of them on this sledge, to replicate a photo we took of baby bug 1 when we were there a month before baby bug 2 arrived.

Before baby bug 2
After baby bug 2

 After munching our packed lunches (a heads up, there is a proper picnic area with tables and everything which we didn't discover until after we'd ate our lunch in what we thought was the right place perched on some little chairs!) we headed to the make it station, where there was loads of inspiring ideas.  I'm currently trying to think of ways to make our garden more interactive and interesting for the children and came away with a few ideas from this.  The make it station included the chance to make a robot, play with lego, watch small pieces of fabric and paper being propelled up tubes by hidden fans, a giant sticker mosaic, some coloured wodden shapes alongside mirrors to make your own kaliedoscope effect and some musical pipes (which made a noise when you hit them with a flip flop).

Once we'd explored the make it station we headed to the planetarium to watch a short (and suitable for under 7's and little baby bugs) film called naughty monsters in the sky (about the sun, moon and weather), though me and grandma bug could have quite easily nodded off in the comfy seats and dark room!

We finished our day in a play area, which was really good and the kids spent ages in there!  This included activity tables with wooden train sets and lego, a giant dolls house, soft play and an home corner type area - where baby bug 1 was a cleaner and then a waitress for me.

So all in all, a really good day out, even if baby bug 2 did set off the alarm in the disabled/baby change toilet - ooops!  I think there's a pre-school day happening next week so baby bug 2 will be off there again with his other grandparents (just don't tell his big sister!).

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