Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Something fishy going on

So the February half term is upon us and we are looking for exciting things to do.

At the weekend we took the baby bugs to the Blue Reef Aquarium at Tynemouth for a look out.  We debated going for a walk along the coast when we were finished, but it was a bit nippy and baby bug 2 just wanted to do his own thing and wasn't really playing along with us very nicely, so it was a look around the aquarium then home. 

In our usual style we managed to do the whole place in about an hour (!), one day we might get the hang of this family day out thing.  Then we spent about another hour in the shop while baby bug 1 decided what to spend her money on, despite me trying to convince her otherwise and telling her the pennies could be saved for her summer holidays - well, it was worth a try.  She came out with a pen with some kind of fluffy octopus on the top, and since she is somewhat obsessed with writing and trying to spell out new words I can't complain at that.

Once we got home we decided that between playing out in the garden with friends that we could make our own fish too.  Each bug had a paper plate from which we cut out a triangle for the mouth. This was then stuck to the other side of the circle to form a tail.  Then pieces of tissue paper were ripped up and stuck on along with a googly eye, before hanging them in the window. 

I really wanted to make the tissue paper fish I found on pinterest, but I haven't (shock, horror) got any sticky back plastic/contact film stuff, so went for this option instead.

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