Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The cat in the hat is back!

Slightly later than I had hoped, here's an update from woyww 143 and the world book day costume.  Here is baby bug 1 in her outfit:

I measured the hat while she wasn't here and my grand plan went wrong somewhere, resulting in it being a bit too small to fit on her head so a piece of elastic was threaded through to hold it in place under her chin!  We were going to use face paints too, but the prospect of getting 2 bugs ready, a costume on and being out the door in time for school resulted in a last minute dash to the dressing up box for a cat mask instead.  We did manage to make a bow out of funky foam (same as the hat) though.

The outfit was completed with a Thing 1 and Thing 2 made by baby bug from loo roll tubes, with pipecleaner arms and tissue paper hair.

It has to be said, the trip to school was entertaining seeing all the children (and staff) dressed up - we came across a few Thing 1 and Thing 2's a gruffalo and a pantomime horse to name but a few :)

The icing on the cake however, was that baby bug won a prize for the best costume in her class (!) and recieved a £5 book token which was lovely, so now all we need to do is fit in a trip to the bookshop (if we can find any that haven't closed down) so the baby bug 1 can spend her book token and they can both use their world book day vouchers too - not that I think we need anymore books....  (well, I did used to be a children's librarian so that's my excuse!)

and that's only about half of them!

Coming next..... the school easter egg competition, watch this space!

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