Friday, 16 March 2012

Christmas - in March?

Thought I'd better get my act together and make a start on the mega pile of photos I've got waiting to be scrapbooked.

So today I've spent a couple of hours doing a layout from Christmas 2010.  How it took 2 hours to make this I'll never know, but I like to move things around the page quite a bit while deciding on a layout and also have to factor in about 20 trips up and down to the stairs to get various supplies from the different cupboards dotted about the place (scrapbooking and a fitness session in one!).

There's red christmas tree background paper, the photos are mounted onto plain red paper with the title printed on it.  The tag is a normal luggage tag covered with some holly scrapbook paper.  The bottom right photo is of baby bug 1 writing her letter to santa, so I scanned in the letter and minimised it, printed it off and stuck it onto the tag, which was finished off with some green and white (butchers) string.  The tag is held in place with photo corners so it can be taken out and turned over, revealing a written out a copy of her letter on the reverse as the text is too small to read on the print out.

The other photos are of my 2 bugs with their advent calendars and one of baby bug 1 making salt dough tree decorations.

1 page done, about 30 more (at least) to go.....

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  1. Oh lovely memories on a are good to persevere when you have to keep stopping to fetch stuff..makes me feel a very lazy crafter. I'm so late from WOYWW visiting that i'm using the chance to look at all posts, something I rarely ahve time to do, and have really enjoyed browsing your blog. Your Mum will love her card, with or without the's only a title on the front, it's what it says inside that means something!