Saturday, 19 May 2012

A sneak peak into the world of Baby Bugs

A couple of weeks ago we headed down to our local Mothercare store, only to find the Gruffalo was there making a guest appearance, accompanied by the girls from Kidz r Fit with some of their hoopstarz stuff.  Well what can I say, the Baby Bugs had a fab time, it was like a mini party and all free.  Even Baby Bug 2 had a go of the hoola hoop.  I did try to get a photo of Baby Bug 2 with the Grufallo but he wouldn't stand still for long enough, so there's some of him zooming about somewhere near the Gruffalo instead!  The hoopstarz craze is relatively new I think, but Baby Bug 1 had a whale of a time and they have up to date music with it too, so it's just like a disco or party.  They have started a couple of sessions quite close to use, but I'm hopeful that they will start some a bit closer and I will certainly be signing the Bugs up.

Aside from that Baby Bug 2 has been doing what Baby Bugs do - mischief!  Here he is having been sneaking around in the kitchen drawer (while I wasn't looking - you should never not look...) and rolling out a brand new roll of sandwich bags across the room, and rather proud of himself he was too!

We also made some playdough cakes and it was really cute to hear him singing "happy birthday" in his own little way when he gave me this one.

While big sister was away at school he raided her toys and had great fun playing and singing at the piano, though why toy companies think children actually need a microphone is beyond me! 

I also let him loose with some bingo dabbers to play with, he seems to prefer pens to crayons (he would wouldn't he, much more messy and dangerous around the cream carpet and sofa), but don't be fooled by his angelicness on these photos; this activity lasted about 5 minutes then he got bored and threw yet another of his epic tantrums, launching the pen across the room which promptly landed nib side down on one of my cream seat pads (maybe we should just do this to all the seat pads and make them polka dots...)

Today we are having a surprise retirement party for my Mam who finished work this week, so yesterday the bugs gave me a hand in the kitchen eating making some fairy cakes and hopefully they will get time to ice them this morning.

Finally I have to share some of the latest drawings from Baby Bug 1 of Abney and Teal (from cbeebies).  I love that programme, it's nice and quiet and gentle and makes a lovely change from a lot of the really noisy programmes that seem to be on kids tv these days.

Well, almost 7am on a Saturday and I've been up for about an hour already (early alarm call thanks to some litte baby birds outside our house), and really I have been extremely lucky that none of my bugs have made an appearance yet - they usually do when I sneak up early to get something done.  Busy day ahead, so I shall best be off.  Thanks for stopping by.

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