Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Woyww 160

Hello all!  Welcome to what's on your workdesk Wednesday, only this week mine has been renamed to Where is your workdesk Wednesday?  10 points and a gold star if you can spot it!
On my desk: card in progress, half cold cup of tea, handbag, lots of sweeties, hard drive, photo album, calendar, important college form that I must not lose (!), new laptop bag, massive bag of crisps, half made cut out crowns by baby bug 1 and goodness knows what else!

So, the reason my desk is in such a state since last week is the culmination of 2 on and off poorly baby bugs (i.e. feverish temperatures and then completely back to normal within half a day or so!), teething, tantrums, rainbows, tantrums, dance rehersals, tantrums, dance shows, (did I mention tantrums?)birthdays, parties, sports days and 2 nights out - it's been quite a week!  Anyway, normality seems to have returned today, just about, but let's keep that to ourselves incase anyone hears.  So I've decided that since it's my sisters birthday today and the baby bugs are away I'd better get a wiggle on and make a card! 

After last weeks positive use up my stash effort I decided to go to Hobbycraft and buy some Boofle related stuff, 'cause she loves him (and I quite frankly am too tired to muster up any extra use up my stash creative juices!).  So here we are, a slight cheat with a pre-cut decoupage pack, but I'm sure she'll like it!

And in-between illnesses baby bug 1 managed to make her a card too with a hand-drawn Boofle with some flowers.

I am off to listen to some loud music now 'cause I'm in the mood after a nice birthday treat from my Mr Bug to a Combichrist gig last night.  Hopefully I'll be back after a much more relaxed week next week.  To view other desk shenanigans from around the world (it's global don't you know) drop by Julia's place!

P.S.  Thanks for all the lovely comments last week, I shall try to do some catching up now.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Woyww 159

Hi all!  June is a busy month in our family, so a good way to keep up to date with woyww! 

Over the past week I have made a fathers day card and a card for my mams birthday.  My Dad is really good and DIY and very much in demand, but cards for men, well I find them quite difficult!  Anyway, off I went to raid the stash box ('cause I'm skint don't you know and can't be going out buying new stuff - booo!) and found some tool embellishements I had used to make a "Brian builds a bathroom" scrapbook (a request from my Mam when Dad installed a new bathroom suite and decorated), so I headed off to my (newly organised) scraps box found some plastic tool embellishments.  I used a tool belt, spanner and 2 nails to spell out DIY, mounted them onto some card scraps and voila!  Father's day sorted.
For Mam's birthday, I raided the stash again and found some Holly Hobby style 3D decoupage pictures (Mam likes Holly Hobby), so I duly pushed those out (they were pre-cut, yay!), added lots of tiny foam pads, stuck that onto a circle die cut, added silver dots and mounted onto some teapot patterned paper with a strip of polka dot paper behind it.

Rather pleased that my cards were ready to go in advance, meaning I don't have to sit up panicking the night before - then realised that baby bugs hadn't done any, so I know what we'll be doing at breakfast time then!

A couple more cards have been made recently for my friend's birthday and my lovely little niece who turned 4!  How cute is that little felt cupcake embellishement!

 Thanks to everyone who visited my blog last week and my new followers!  For more Wednesday fun pop over to Julia's place.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Woyww 158 - scrappy dappy dooo

A quick bit of scrapbooking today while the house was quiet in an attempt to make a dent in the number of photos I have to scrapbook.  This is not actually a picture of my desk but of the finished items as all has been hurridly tidied away while awaiting the imminent arrival of the baby bugs.

Also, thanks to all who have visited my blog recently, I will try (much harder!) to visit more of you, quite honestly I don't know where the time goes. :)  If you would like to have a peek at what's on everyone else's desks then head over to Julia's page.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Jubilee jubilations!

Happy Jubilee, courtesey of the baby bugs.

Queen Elizabeth by Baby Bug 1, using bath crayons

Prince Phillip by Baby Bug 1, using bath crayons