Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Woyww 160

Hello all!  Welcome to what's on your workdesk Wednesday, only this week mine has been renamed to Where is your workdesk Wednesday?  10 points and a gold star if you can spot it!
On my desk: card in progress, half cold cup of tea, handbag, lots of sweeties, hard drive, photo album, calendar, important college form that I must not lose (!), new laptop bag, massive bag of crisps, half made cut out crowns by baby bug 1 and goodness knows what else!

So, the reason my desk is in such a state since last week is the culmination of 2 on and off poorly baby bugs (i.e. feverish temperatures and then completely back to normal within half a day or so!), teething, tantrums, rainbows, tantrums, dance rehersals, tantrums, dance shows, (did I mention tantrums?)birthdays, parties, sports days and 2 nights out - it's been quite a week!  Anyway, normality seems to have returned today, just about, but let's keep that to ourselves incase anyone hears.  So I've decided that since it's my sisters birthday today and the baby bugs are away I'd better get a wiggle on and make a card! 

After last weeks positive use up my stash effort I decided to go to Hobbycraft and buy some Boofle related stuff, 'cause she loves him (and I quite frankly am too tired to muster up any extra use up my stash creative juices!).  So here we are, a slight cheat with a pre-cut decoupage pack, but I'm sure she'll like it!

And in-between illnesses baby bug 1 managed to make her a card too with a hand-drawn Boofle with some flowers.

I am off to listen to some loud music now 'cause I'm in the mood after a nice birthday treat from my Mr Bug to a Combichrist gig last night.  Hopefully I'll be back after a much more relaxed week next week.  To view other desk shenanigans from around the world (it's global don't you know) drop by Julia's place!

P.S.  Thanks for all the lovely comments last week, I shall try to do some catching up now.


  1. Hope baby bugs are soon feeling better. Love the card and I'm sure your sister will too.
    A x #83

  2. Love the baby bug boofle! (almost better than the real thing!) That is so not a messy desk!!! Trish #75

  3. Hope baby bugs get well soon, love Boofle, the original and the impression too;0)

    Sheilagh 104

  4. Love the card but the hand drawn Boofle is definitely the best!! x Jo

  5. I feel your pain, Missy (my daughter) is teething badly, so no sleep and whiny cranky baby. Lovely. Hope your little one feels brighter soon.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  6. Yee-ha! Baby bug's card is adorable! Happy WOYWW and have a great week! kissinia

  7. Whew! You have been busy. Hope all the bugs have gone away now. I love Boofle and your hand drawn one is so lovely! Thanks for your visit earlier. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #57

  8. Baby Bug's boofle is really cute! (yours isn't half bad either ;) ). Hope that it calms down...but knowing kids, that is a very big hope LOL! Just breathe and listen to the music and enjoy! Happy WOYWW! -Amanda x61

  9. Cute card! Happy WOYWW! -Mari #36

  10. Gorgeous card there. I too am a Boofle fan! Had a fabby Boofle bag from my friend for my birthday recently!
    Thanks for your visit and kind words about my Hubby. He is still sore but he will be ok soon (I hope)or else there will be tantrums in my household too!

  11. oh my, i actually think your desk is neat! how cute that hand drawn card is! happy WOYWW!
    hugs, #23 peggy aplSEEDS

  12. Not too shabby! I don't think we have Boofle's here, in the USA, which is too bad because it's really darling and your card turned out quite well. I'm sure your sis will love it! :)
    Sorry about your unwell baby bugs. Hope they are feeling tip-top in a jiffy! :)
    Thanks for popping in on my blog and leaving a sweet comment!
    (Hopefully I'm returning the favor!)
    Deeyll :)