Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Aquarium inspired art

During the half term holidays the baby bugs and myself visited a local aquarium.  We had a nice time looking at the different fish, including a dancing crab, and some mammosets and otters among other things.

A few days later and following a significant amount of snowfall (!) we decided to do some fish-themed crafting.  We took some different coloured tissue paper and ripped it into small pieces. 

These were then placed inside a laminating pouch, trying not to leave any gaps - more tricky than it sounds as the static moved them all over the place when you tried to put the two parts together.  This created a stained glass effect. 

Baby bug 1 decided she would like to draw small fish on hers.  Baby bug 2 helped me draw a big fish shape onto his, we added some bubbles and cut it out.  Baby bug 1 then decided to make a seaside themed one using strips of blue and yellow paper and adding stickers and her own illustrations. 


We then hung them up at the window to brighten up a dreary day.

This has also given me inspiration for some home-made resources for the light box activities I have planned, so hopefully more on that another day.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Artists at work #6

2 posts already!  I had to share this which baby bug 1 drew yesterday (Valentines day).  "Oh that's lovely" I said and made some reference to it being about Valentines day.  "No Mammy" she replied "it's a girl with her brains exploding!"   Of course it is, how silly of me! 

Hope you had a nice Valentines day with no exploding brains :)

New beginnings

I have returned!  Can't believe I haven't posted here since July!  It would appear that work, family and studies are taking their toll.  Anyway, with spring (hopefully) just around the corner, it may be time to try (again) to keep up with this blog.  I have been inspired in part by the dedication of Paul Lynch Photography who is doing a stirling effort of updating his blog everyday, with some stunning photos to accompany it.

So with my photography skills nowhere near as good as Paul's I thought I'd post a picture of what is currently making me smile every day (and all for the pricely sum of £1.20) and filling me with hope that warmer and sunnier days are just around the corner......

See you again soon I hope!