Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Aquarium inspired art

During the half term holidays the baby bugs and myself visited a local aquarium.  We had a nice time looking at the different fish, including a dancing crab, and some mammosets and otters among other things.

A few days later and following a significant amount of snowfall (!) we decided to do some fish-themed crafting.  We took some different coloured tissue paper and ripped it into small pieces. 

These were then placed inside a laminating pouch, trying not to leave any gaps - more tricky than it sounds as the static moved them all over the place when you tried to put the two parts together.  This created a stained glass effect. 

Baby bug 1 decided she would like to draw small fish on hers.  Baby bug 2 helped me draw a big fish shape onto his, we added some bubbles and cut it out.  Baby bug 1 then decided to make a seaside themed one using strips of blue and yellow paper and adding stickers and her own illustrations. 


We then hung them up at the window to brighten up a dreary day.

This has also given me inspiration for some home-made resources for the light box activities I have planned, so hopefully more on that another day.

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