Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dinosaur small world play

I used the Baby Bugs as guinea pigs for work today and tested out some dinosaur small world play on them.  (Thanks to @athomewithali for sharing her ideas).  We made our own playdough in 3 colours (red, blue and yellow) then added some pebbles and dinosaurs.

Baby Bug 2 enjoyed playing with this, though admittedly played more with the playdough than the dinosaurs, though after been shown he was also interested in making dinosaur footprints. He later got some cars and had great fun making car tracks in the dough too.

Big sister, Baby Bug 1 also enjoyed this and made a small playdough island complete with palm tree and then later made a model of her Grandad too.

I've left the tray out and hopefully it will interest them over the next few days.  I am also thinking of adding a small bottle and making a volcano using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, but that could get messy so I'm leaving it for now, until we have more than half an hour between breakfast and the school run!

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