Thursday, 7 March 2013

Happy world book day from Mr Messy!

World Book Day is here again, how time flies.  This year we went for the (apt) costume of Mr Messy.  Having sourced a large cardboard box from a local shop, Baby Bug 1 lay down on it so we could do a messy outline around her.

Having cut this out we worked out roughly where the eye holes should be and then made them really big in the hope she could actually see where she was going once it was completed!

We decided to paint the background white.  Having painted both pieces of card with white poster paint it then all soaked into the cardboard, leaving us with the original cardboard box colour!  (Also, you should ensure that you turn the back section of card around before cutting it out so you don't have to paint over the logos on the box making the job twice as hard, which I did not do...)  So a coat of white undercoat later and after haging them on the washing line to help the drying process (thank goodness we got a sunny day) it was time to add the messy scribbles.  

Now the easy and obvious option here is to use pink wool, but for some unknown reason my mind by-passed this obvious idea and I decided to dye some string pink with food colouring!  This did work but took twice as long as wool would have. 

Baby Bug 1 helped me to do some big scribbles onto the white background.  We ended up using OHP pens as all other felt tips and markers just seemed to wipe straight off.  Then we swirled lots of pva glue on it and added swirls of string.   We poured more pva glue on top for good measure and once it had been left to dry overnight gave it a final coat of spray glue, before painting on the outline of the eyes and mouth. (We did later think that maybe a tube of puffy paint would have worked too and been easier to apply).

The tricky part was then getting the costume to stay on at to keep the eyes at the right level.  We cut 2 slits on each side, front and back and fed fabric tape through both sides, resting on the shoulders, tying them in a knot at roughly the right height.  The costume still hung a bit too low so on each arm we added cardboard tubes to slot her arms into meaning she could move it up a bit to the correct height.  A pair of pink tights and pink sparkly shoes were added and we put her hair into 2 knots and added some pink pipecleaner messy bits!

Thankfully, though it was a bit grey and foggy it wasn't raining so we could walk to school without too much trouble - though it did involve a bit of sideways walking to get through doors and avoid oncoming pedestrians with puschairs.

I just hope she has a fun day with it - we certainly had a laugh making it! Hope you and yours have had a good day too :)

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