Friday, 26 April 2013

Easter fun!

Yes, I know, Easter was a long time ago!  But, due to a horrible sickness bug that hit the whole house for the first week of the holidays and other things going on, then back to work and school, time has been a bit limited, so better late than never :)

The baby bugs had lots of fun over Easter: painting, playing with rice based small world play, decorating eggs and making yummy treats.

I bought some Easter themed stamp pads thinking they could make some nice Easter pictures.  But they decided it was much more fun to swirl them around on the paper, which (as usual) morphed into swirling the paint around with hands - at least they enjoyed themselves!

Then, inspired by fabulous internet finds we set up an Easter themed small world play.  This involved dying some rice yellow (put rice in a ziplock bag, add a small amount of food colouring and move around in the bag, leave on a tray to dry) - baby bug 2 really enjoyed helping with this.  Then to the rice we added plastic eggs, rabbits and chicks.

However, avoid if you don't like your carpet messy!  No matter how big the tray the stuff never stays inside it!

Time for something slightly less messy - bubble wrap printing.  The bugs painted some bubble wrap, then placed this upside down on top of egg shaped cards to make easter eggs.  Baby bug 1 was very creative and drew faces and made swirling patterns with hers too.

And Easter wouldn't be Easter without the annual egg decorating.  We decided to make Room on the Broom with baby bug 1 and a simple bumble bee for baby bug 2.  Careful consideration needs to be given regarding transporting to school though.  We placed it carefully in a carrier bag over the back of the puschchair handles, which was fine....until we tilted the pushchair to go up a kerb, when all the eggs promptly fell out - thankfully into the carrier bag, so just a little rearranging was needed when we finally got to school!

Small Easter goodie bags were made for family - contact paper cut into an oval shape, with yellow feathers stuck on, finished off with a beak and googly eyes - which kept falling off!

And lastly - who doesn't love a crispie cake nest?  We just about managed to stop the kids eating all the mixture before it made it into the cake cases!  (Hats and safety goggles optional!)

Happy Easter!